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Our ultimate goal is to positively impact individuals and communities through direct engagement and collaborative programs in energy and capacity building.


Community Energy Systems

We partner with communities, project developers and other stakeholders to collaboratively plan, deploy and manage sustainable energy systems that contribute to holistic development. Capacity building to strengthen governance and management capabilities is central to any program.

Interactive Courses on Sustainable Energy and Social Change

We run field-based courses for young adults interested in social impact. Topics cover energy technology, organizational models for social change, and community development. We employ a hands-on approach that integrates technical skills with practical experience from the field.

What We Do
Minigrid gme
COMET - the Community Energy Toolkit

COMET (formerly called The Minigrid Game) is a role-playing game built around a representation of a minigrid system, intended to be used as an educational and collaborative planning tool in designing a community-sized minigrid system. The game is designed to be used within a process that explores minigrid planning and operational decisions. ​


In COMET, networked players come together to play out household consumption and make important energy choices, like purchasing appliances, setting energy tariffs, and managing finances to pay their bills on time. Players' individual behavior, like switching appliances on and off, or failing to make a payment, are immediately visible to everyone else.  

Ulu Papar Youth Empowerment
Ulu Papar Youth Empowerment and Mentorship

In July 2017, Energy Action Partners launched a year-long program to foster community development and sustainability-focused entrepreneurship among young entrepreneurs in the Ulu Papar region of Sabah, Malaysia.


A cohort of 12 young adults are receiving ongoing mentorship, support and training to develop local enterprises for community development. 

In remote areas of Sabah such as Ulu Papar, it is thought that without effort, they may not be any change. Alongside the consistency of these young adults, we have hope that once they have achieved success in their local business after having training sessions with us, they would come to extreme benefits of not only improve their local business intellect but as well as having the advantage to role model for many more aspiring young entrepreneurs.



Our courses bring together experts and practitioners in the field of energy and human development to deliver educational programs on energy and social enterprise. These courses are aimed at inspiring and engaging young professionals, entrepreneurs and youth passionate about social change and interested in the provision of energy services. 

Upcoming Courses

We currently have no courses planned for 2021.

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Past Courses

Designing Sustainable Energy Systems for Community Development

July 1-6, 2019, Sabah, Malaysia

Designing Sustainable Energy Systems for Community Development

January 25-30, 2016, Sabah, Malaysia

Designing Sustainable Energy Systems for Community Development

July 10-15, 2017, Sabah, Malaysia

Designing Off-Grid Energy Systems for Community Development

July 25-31, 2015, Central Java, Indonesia

Energy Access, Ethics and Development

June 8-14, 2014, Ladakh, India

Energy Access, Ethics and Development

August 18-24, 2013, Ladakh, India

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