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COMET Workshops

Energy Action Partners completed a series of three half-day minigrid planning workshops in June 2017, held in the rural communities of Kg. Buayan, Kg. Terian and Kg. Timpayasa in Ulu Papar, Sabah. In these workshops, local residents used COMET in a new and novel approach to building community energy systems. The workshops were supported by WISIONS of Sustainability

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The Community Energy Toolkit (COMET) Is a role-playing software tool built around a representation of a mini-grid system, intended to be used as an educational and collaborative planning tool in designing a community-sized mini-grid system. The tool is designed to be used within a process that explores mini-grid planning and operational decisions. ​

In COMET, networked users come together to play out household consumption and make important energy choices, like purchasing appliances, setting energy tariffs, and managing finances to pay their bills on time. Users' individual behavior, like switching appliances on and off, or failing to make a payment, are immediately visible to everyone else. The tool facilitates meaningful collaboration, and enables the community to collectively decide on an appropriately sized system, a tariff that pays for system costs, and allows users to consume amounts of energy within the mini-grid's limited capacity. 

COMET is a completely novel way for communities to develop workable solutions to the unique challenges of managing a community-sized mini-grid, such as system sizing, tariff-setting, and demand-side management. By playing as a group, the players can also improve their understanding of energy technology, practice negotiation and consensus-building skills, and most importantly, have fun.  

We have developed a software version of the tool (formerly known as The Minigrid Game), played on wirelessly connected computers. This has been deployed and tested in India, Indonesia, Malaysia and Myanmar.

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