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Clean and affordable energy is central to advancing human development. Yet, there are large and persistent gaps in access. Almost 15% of the world lacks electricity, 35% rely on traditional cooking fuels, and most societies wastefully exploit their non-renewable resources.


New technology and infrastructure are important parts of the solution, but they are only effective when supported by informed and empowered communities of individuals: entrepreneurs, policy-makers, service providers, financiers, social advocates, educators, household members and others.


At Energy Action Partners, we specialize in leading collaborative efforts to improve access to sustainable energy. By designing and implementing programs with substantial community participation, we prioritize capacity building outcomes and achieve deeper and lasting impact.


Our Vision

We aim to foster resilient and inclusive communities that pursue technological innovation, while strengthening social cohesion and shared values

Our Mission

We work to expand individual opportunity and strengthen communities through collaborative projects, activities and educational programs that improve access to sustainable energy services.


Core Values

We prioritize human development outcomes over infrastructure provision and firmly believe that positive social change is generated through respect for and belief in every individual's capabilities.



Meet our diverse, multi-disciplinary team collaborating to make an impact and empower communities


Board Of Directors

Senior Lecturer at University of Malaya, Malaysia

Co-Executive Director at Energy Action Partners

Associate Professor at Masdar Institute of Science and Technology, UAE

Co-Executive Director at Energy Action Partners

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