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David Fernández

David is a Chartered Engineer with 12 years’ experience working in renewable energy and energy efficiency for the domestic, commercial and industrial sectors. He aims to make a social impact and support sustainable use of our natural resources.


Mukhtaar Caydiid

Mukhtaar graduated from Somaliland's Abaarso School of Science and Technology and earned a BS degree in Agricultural Engineering from EARTH University in Costa Rica. He is very passionate about sustainability and renewable energies; and dedicated to finding solutions to the environmental and energy problems in his home country of Somaliland. Mukhtaar has experience with biogas systems, having interned with VIOGAZ, a company that commercializes and installs anaerobic digesters in Costa Rica and Nicaragua, and conducted his undergraduate coursework in thermal efficiencies and evaluation of cookstoves using biogas and LPG. 


Warda Hassan

Warda is currently a senior at Gollis University in Hargeisa, Somaliland, where she majors in Microwave Engineering. She initially began her undergraduate career studying Telecommunications Engineering, but switched to Microwave Engineering after a volunteer opportunity piqued her interest in Microwave Engineering. When she is not busy with work or university, she loves to read about environmental engineering and how addressing the current environmental issues in her developing country could help people and youth realize how valuable our natural resources are.

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