Our Team

Scott Kennedy


Scott comes to Energy Action Partners with over sixteen years' experience working in education, research, and human development. Prior to Energy Action Partners, Scott was an associate professor and Dean of Research at the Masdar Institute of Science and Technology in Abu Dhabi, where he oversaw the Institute’s energy and sustainability research and founded multiple initiatives on renewable energy and community development. He also served as the director of the Prajnopaya Foundation, leading its healthcare initiatives in northern India. Through his career, Scott has developed a strong interest in unifying human development objectives with engineering practice, particularly in the context of energy systems. Scott received a PhD in Engineering Sciences from Harvard University and a BSc in Mechanical Engineering from Cornell University. He also acts as an advisor and consultant to various capacity building initiatives in higher education, and energy and the environment in the Middle East, Asia and Africa.​

Ayu Abdullah


Ayu believes strongly in the value of service, universal responsibility and in improving lives and eradicating inequality and inequity. With an engineering background and a strong interest in community engagement, Ayu joins the management team of Energy Action Partners after conducting research in community-based electrification systems, and developing participatory planning tools for rural energy systems. Prior to that she lived in Somaliland, volunteer teaching while working on small, community-sized systems (wind and micro-hydro). Born and raised in Penang, Malaysia, Ayu has BSc and MSc degrees in Aerospace Engineering from Purdue University, and an MSc in Engineering Systems and Management from the Masdar Institute of Science and Technology.  ​


Carla is passionate about sustainable development and renewable energy transitions, including clean energy access to last mile communities. She has been involved with different organizations in these areas, including a clean energy business incubator program in Uganda, energy poverty reduction in Spain, and climate change awareness. She is an Industrial Engineer with a double MSc in Environmental Engineering and Renewable Energy Engineering.


Sonia's extensive involvement in community-centric projects revolves around increasing accessibility to knowledge for all, a pursuit that stems from her personal belief that knowledge is key to breaking damaging cycles and overcoming prevalent issues in society. Having graduated with a BA in Graphic Design from Anglia Ruskin University, Sonia also has professional experience in translation, copywriting, as well as event management and programming.


Jorge considers himself a professional of international cooperation and an apprentice ethnographer, learning from everyone around him. His formal qualifications include a Master of Environmental Science from Yale University, where he conducted a research project on energy transitions in Myanmar, and a Licenciatura (Bachelor´s degree) in international Relations from El Colegio de México (The College of Mexico). He worked for three years as advisor at CONACYT, the Mexican federal science and technology agency, and was a Teaching Fellow at Yale. Originally from Mexico City, Jorge is devoted to advance cooperation and mutual understanding between Southeast Asia and Latin America.


Aril is an engineer who is passionate about new challenges and wants to expand his knowledge and experience in the field of renewable energy. He has more than 7 years of working experience in the construction industry mainly in project design management and engineering design works. Aril has registered as a Graduate Engineer with the Board of Engineers Malaysia and holds a BSc in Civil Engineering from University Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia.


Serena Patel graduated with a BSc in Energy Engineering and a minor in Energy and Resources from UC Berkeley, where she conducted energy systems modeling research in Kenya around economically decarbonizing large power systems and decentralized community-based microgrids for productive uses in disenfranchised communities. She works to continuously hold herself accountable, center indigenous wisdom along with scientific knowledge and engineering problem-solving to ensure a just transition into a renewable energy future.


Ahmed is a passionate and value-driven product designer who is interested in designing human-centered and intuitive digital user experiences. He believes in creating products that have a great impact on people’s lives, boost cleantech and push the boundaries of what is possible! With a multidisciplinary background he leads the diverse product design team at ENACT to explore new opportunities in energy planning and community development.


Al is enthusiastic about technology, design, and, in particular, accessibility—both within and outside the context of the web. He is finishing his final year at Northeastern University in a program for Computer Science and Biology, and has several years of web development experience. In his professional and personal life he finds value in bringing software, knowledge, and food to as many people as possible.


Enthusiastic about technology, Basit is extremely motivated about constantly developing his skills and growing professionally. With extensive knowledge of back-end development accompanied by 3 years' experience of working in the industry, Basit aims to add value in people's lives the best he can.


Ainina is passionate about organisational psychology and grassroots organizing. Armed with a Psychology major and a minor in the Studies of Comparative Religion from a local university in Gombak, Malaysia, Nina has also been actively involved with educational non-profit organizations that believe in catering for the need for education and literacy among marginalized communities since her university years. She is into gardening, field hockey, and reads bell hooks.