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Tiffany Tong


Tiffany is passionate about leveraging technology to solve some of society’s most fundamental challenges. Employing a human-centered design approach to her work, she uses insights from her diverse field experiences to make good ideas great. For five years, she focused on challenges of energy access and rural electrification in sub-Saharan Africa. More recently, her work is centered on the development of mobile apps to crowdsource economic data from farmers in Ghana. Tiffany received her PhD in Electrical Engineering at Princeton University and her BS at UCLA.


Kyle Weber


Kyle hails from Chicago, IL and has a passion for human development, training and capacity building, especially within the context of electricity access in developing countries. He has a BSc in Mechanical Engineering from Kettering University and an MSc in Engineering Systems and Management from Masdar Institute of Science and Technology. He has worked as a research engineer on end-use load monitoring, as a field engineer in the oil and gas industry and as a project engineer to plan and repair renewable energy infrastructure and implement energy-saving lighting and solar water heaters. He is a strong proponent of participatory methods and works to bring stakeholders from various backgrounds together to refocus energy and infrastructure projects towards human development.

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